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  • King James Bible seminar by David Sorenson at Fairhaven Baptist Church and College. Approx. 180 minutes.
  • 54 Bible Review Games to Reinforce Your Lessons
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    Music and Morals

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    Author of two previous books about music, Kimberly Smith holds a Masters Degree in Communications from Lindenwood University, and a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies from George Wythe College. She completed her BA in Speech and Dramatic Art from the University of Missouri-Columbia. At the age of five, she began playing the piano and her musical experience includes fifteen years of classical piano training, college level music courses, and participation in jazz and symphonic bands, as well as solo instrumental and vocalist accompaniment. She has also played marimba, timpani, and other percussion instruments. Kimberly has served as both church pianist and organist, and is a semi-professional musician. Married with three grown children, she is currently employed as an adjunct professor at Lindenwood University in the Communications department. 176 pages. Go here to read a book review of this book.
  • Click here to read Pastor Steve Damron's review of this book. The author is writing to Christian parents, pastors, and youth leaders to encourage them to review their concept of modesty as it pertains to Scripture. The author guides the reader from issue to issue, such as defining the terms that need to be addressed to showing that God was the original designer of clothes. His premise is that the fashion industry had a design and purpose in the development of the swimsuit. The author shows that “nakedness” had to become more and more acceptable in our society in limited situations at first. As fashion designers and the media were able to get Americans to let down their guard in these limited areas, they could advance further in their attack on Christian modesty. 77 pages. These books are sold in good used condition.
  • If you are a single woman looking for worth and purpose in a couples' world, this book will help you to discover both without compromising biblical convictions. If you are married, this book will give you a new understanding of what being single is like. If you are a leader in any ministry, it will help you to care Biblically for those who may struggle with being single. 157 pages. Go here to read a book review of this book.
  • If there is poor self-motivation from those who are the followers of Christ, it will affect the accomplishing of the church mission. Learn to "Push Yourself" to accomplish more. Motivation! We all need it, but it sounds like work. Show me someone with self-motivation and a worthy goal and I will show you a goal that will be reached soon! Extrinsic motivation is what I am trying to give here, in order to trigger your own self-motivation (intrinsic).
  • 100 motivating moments, given in quick one-minute sessions! As you drive from here to there, catch another quick idea on teaching children! These lessons are geared towards teachers of younger age groups.
  • If your church desires a strong teenage ministry, your pre-teen ministry must be exceptional! This CD Packet contains thoughts in 100 one-minute sessions.
  • If your lesson doesn't resemble what will probably come up in my life next week, I may not listen for long. Students respond to that which they can identify with. Is that how you teach? This album includes 100 motivating moments, teaching teachers to connect with their students. These lessons are geared towards teachers of adult age groups.
  • Designed for your director, superintendent, or those who direct the Sunday School program at your church, this is jam packed with key thinking points. One hundred sessions bring one-minute brief but pointed ideas for enhancing this ministry. As your leaders drive from place to place this week, let them listen to this CD tool and hear quick thoughts.
  • 30 Essential Principles in 7-minute sessions to help enhance your teaching ability. Whether you teach children, teens, or adults, you will enjoy these principles of teaching! Find that 7-minute spot as you drive to work or the store. Fill those short time slots with a good idea.